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Booking Form for HDB Estate Neighbourhood Property Flyers
*We will send Final Artwork to individual agency for approval (requested by CEA)

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5 Agents Theme : $99 per slot

4 Agents Theme : $129 per slot

2 Agents Theme : $255 per slot

1 Agent Theme : $500 per slot

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Terms and Conditions
*Do note that we follow closely to CEA Ruling for advertisement, photo and CEA number of agent is a MUST
*We will send FINAL ARTWORK to individual agency for Approval (needed by CEA) , no additional wordings or pictures are allowed
*Advertisement will be printed 20,000pcs on A5 size 70gsm Full Color paper and distribute to HDB Estate Letterbox (20,000pcs will all be slotted to accessible letterbox, locked letterbox will be skipped)
*Do note that for some Estate that require 20k x 2 distribution, we will split into 2 batches. Do book for 2 batches if you are targeting the whole Estate
*You will receive our Daily Field Report on Blocks been done during distribution day, do notify us immediately if there's any dispute after the distribution (within 2 days)
*Advert Slot position are base on first come first book
*Do note that Final Artwork will be emailed to you once slots are fully taken
*Payment only when slot are fully book and Final artwork is ready
*Printing and Distribution will only be arrange once payment from all slots are fully paid
*Update on available slot here:

*NO Refund or change of Estate area can be arrange if FINAL ARTWORK is COMPLETED


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